is an omni-disciplinary incubator for investigating human relationships to materiality and subjective experience. 

intervenes at various interstices of the concept-art-object-axis to emerge as a mobile and unrestrained genesis point for new modes of reworking familiar formats in order to prompt reflection on consensus reality.

interventions are rooted in hybridized attempts towards post-conceptual responses, excavating and sifting through notions of practice, production and participation inside the over-inundation of a hyper-exposed reality.

considers the medium as a mutable vessel to hold, synthesize and reconstitute information; experimenting within modalities specific to each intervention*.

* Possible applications of mediums and modalities include but are not limited to : Art direction, installation, still and moving image, costume/textile design, print media, performance, grand/mundane happenings, etc...

functions like the black box in systems theory, channeling the most sacred profane, from the semiotics of spectacle and of source, through frames of empirical reference, to present experiences* that exist simultaneously inside and outside of the ubiquity of everyday life. 

* The Saint Profanus experience is imbued with a fervent intent to deconstruct the accumulated participation mystique, revealing a divine play of absurdity and cyclical discovery (or inevitable dissolution) of meaning.