Domina de Bardo, Act 0 

A one night only audience immersive installation housed within Marfa Texas’ oldest central architectural feature, The Presidio County Courthouse, on September 21st 2019.

Domina de Bardo is a progression of site-specific and duration based works born from questions concerning the absence of the Presidio County Courthouse Goddess of Justice statue’s symbolic attributes; namely her sword, scales and blindfold.

"Domina de Bardo", latin for "the lady of the Bardo", locates it’s genesis within archival and community-based research and found ‘conclusion’ in a live four hour cross-disciplinary experience (including video works, interactive cctv streams, durational performance, participatory “games & mazes”, sound design, live score, costume design/fabrication, and neon) situated within the three levels of the Historic Presidio County Courthouse, a centrally located ‘site’ erected in 1886.

Through transposing perspectives : Saint Profanus endeavored to open an expansive dialogue intended to question the supposed impartiality of justice and the presumed accuracy of memory, re-interpreting traditionally held notions of “historical relevance” in an attempt to offer a participatory exploration through and of the absurdity inherent in presenting an architecture for applications of justice and the reconstruction of lost meaning.