A one night only audience immersive installation housed within Marfa Texas’ oldest central architectural feature, The Presidio County Courthouse, on September 21st 2019.

Domina de Bardo was a progression of site-specific and duration based works born from questions concerning the Goddess of Justice statue atop the Presidio County Courthouse, and the absence of her symbolic attributes; namely her sword, scales and blindfold.
Domina de Bardo (latin for "the lady of the bardo”), was initiated with archival and community based research and found conclusion in a live four hour cross-disciplinary experience interwoven with durational performance, video works, interactive cctv streams, participatory scores, games & mazes, as well as multiple atmospheric environments that included custom soundscapes, costuming, installations and neon lighting design.

This experience was situated within three levels of the Historic Presidio County Courthouse, a centrally located ‘site’ erected in 1886.

Through transposing perspectives and reimagining the use of such a public space, Saint Profanus endeavored to open an expansive dialogue intended to question notions of access to (and the supposed impartiality of) justice as well as the presumed accuracy of memory.
Re-interpreting traditionally held notions of “historical relevance”,  Saint Profanus offered a participatory exploration of the absurdity inherent in presenting an architecture for applications of justice and endeavored towards a collaborative reconstruction of lost meaning.

Direction, Video, Costume, Sound & Environmental Design: Saint Profanus

Scenic Design: in collaboration with Angrette McCloskey

Neon fabrication: in collaboration with Kendall Weir

Vocal performance: Joanna Bebelaki & spoken testament from the Marfa Community

Scent: Ritual Marfa

Technical Support: Brenden Cicoria

Installation Support: Deidre Hisler, Moritz Landgrebe, Yoseff Ben-Yehuda, Pat Keesey, Melvin McSpadden, Chuck Simpson & SunTek Chung.

Performers: Saint Profanus, Sauvignon Blanca, Tom Schmidt, Lily Aquero, Diff Torres & Rose Belen Garcia

Domina de Bardo was supported by:

The City of Marfa Arts & Culture Grant, Rea Charitable Trust, Texas Women for the Arts, Texas Commission on the Arts and several generous individual financial donors.