The SCREEN Magazine is a periodical publication (digital & print) featuring an interdisciplinary survey of cultural interest points spanning a vast timeline of eras, practices, methodologies and media.

The SCREEN offers itself to YOU as an alternative to the ubiquity of attention thievery, an antidote for the myopia and feverish pace of the current milieu, cultivated outside of the endless scroll. This screen sifts through the dregs of targeted marketing, identity politic-ing, ego posturing, pervasive “purpose” propaganda,  content content content created for the sake of content and  over-understimulation. 

This is a hybrid poly-media intervention / “arts” organ / literary journal / alternative news outlet / fashion magazine / historical archive / shameless tabloid / satirical rag / beautiful unnamable absurdist monstrosity. Non-niche and post-categorization, a junction point where theory meets playful praxis and high meets low.

In all of its forms it is a site for re-routing sensory responses by reframing the “now” via the examination and exploration of various “befores” and imagined futures - recontextualizing and repositioning through an acknowledgement of atemporality.

An atemporal cultural archive and information refinery.